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Oil & Gas

Shahig Company Oil & Gas Division provides with the following Materials and Services

  1. Drilling & Work over services & control training
  2. Routine & non-routine maintenance of gas, oil and water injection wells
  3. Provide highly qualified well site project management professionals for Drilling & Work over operational Rigs
  4. Supply of personal protective (safety} equipment
  5. Supply of Drill pipes / Heavy weight Drill pipes / Drill Collars
  1. Supply of Production of tubing (API & Premium Connections)
  2. Supply of wire line equipment & tools
  3. Supply of well head maintenance products and services
  4. Supply of Drilling mud chemicals
  5. Marketing and sales of wide range of products in Oil & Gas Industry
  1. An organization consisting of professionals and engineers, with educational and work backgrounds from canada, Europe, USA, GCC, the Asian Subcontinent, Pakistan, India & Other countries.
  2. The ability to interact with customers at all levels of its organization.
  3. An intimate understanding of our customer's organization and its dynamic and being able to see how it relates to purchase decision-making.
  4. The ability to attract vast amounts of information on a regular basis during the normal course of business which proves to be extremely critical in developing cogent strategies on important projects
  5. A keen understanding of business practices in Saudi Arabia with the West and thus serving a strong "bridge" between customers and principals by explaining  the numerous cultural nuances intrinsic to both sides.

Shahig has established its credibility with the world's best and largest oil corporation and other oil companies in the GCC countries by providing highly qualified and experienced WELL SITE PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS, which include:

  1. Drilling Rig Superintendent
  2. Drilling / Petroleum Engineer
  3. Drilling Consultant / Supv'r
  4. Prog, Dev & Eval. Analyst
  5. Barge Engineer
  1. Senior Driller
  2. Assistant Driller
  3. Derrick Man
  4. Rig Crane Operator
  5. HSE Co-ordinator
  1. Rig Liaison man
  2. Rig Safety Advisor
  3. Rig Mechanic
  4. Rig Electrician
  5. HSE Advisor

Oil Field services

  1. Wellhead Maintenance Services
  2. On-line Value Maintenance Services
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