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The Saudi & GCC power sector is being driven by the need for secure, affordable and renewable energy sources. This has presented an upsurge in demand for high quality professional services in Generation, transmission & Distribution. SHAHIG with his proven skills is able to provide the breadth and depth of skills that are necessary to meet the needs of the power sector. Our well proven strategy of offering the wider services wrapped around our core power sector capability is all-encompassing.

We have a large scale multidisciplinary principles across the world in Generation, transmission & Distribution & with capability that is provided through a structured project delivery process and we ensure competitive cost advantage without compromising the quality to our clients. Our strong technical offering, proven delivery process and competitive pricing is a compelling value proposition in this fast moving and technically complex sector.

SHAHIG is continuing to develop its power sector services by delivering its services through the network clients around the kingdom. Our commitment to the future is highlighted by our staff development through the various training with the hands of principles to offer the best services to our clients.

Our services are tailored to help our clients optimise performance with work as one team; a team committed to continuity, quality, innovation and cost efficiency

Our first priority is always safety. At every level of our organisation, provides us with a dynamic platform for delivering continuous improvement in our safety performance. This is backed up by a combination of dedicated services, in-depth technical excellence, and a passion for unravelling complexity that makes us your ONE partner for life.

Our value is summed in our unique ethos of thinking and doing. As an technical servicer provider – delivering burners, deaerators and blades – we combine high quality product engineering with the independent provision of in-depth asset integrity management.

We use our expertise to assess your needs efficiently and advise you at a strategic level. We help you to solve problems, embrace innovation and develop sustainable solutions. And by then providing all the technical disciplines and skills required to implement these solutions, we offer you a single point of access to a fully integrated asset integrity assurance service.

This combination of capabilities and industry-specific knowledge – underpinned by our proven portfolio of assess, inspect, repair, maintenance and construction services – is what enables us to seamlessly integrate asset integrity management with operations to help you to:

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