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Oil & Gas

Across the GCC, new oil & natural gas resources are being discovered, leading to an increase in production projects. A substantial amount of activity is occurring in the Middle East as new oilfields are developed,. As increasing amounts of oil and natural gas are produced from GCC shale plays, crude oil and natural gas processing plants are springing up,

SHAHIG COMPANY with the team of experts in all the feilds, had proven their skills in this sector

SHAHIG COMPANY offers assurance, advanced engineering, marine operations, consulting and project execution across the entire asset life-cycle. We use our unrivalled experience, together with our world-leading expert to help clients reduce risk, meet increasingly stringent regulations and improve efficiency from the seabed to the city gas main.

Improve efficiency, reduce risk: From the earliest point in a project, with our deep experience, unique, independent and capabilities enable to minimise risk and cost throughout the future life including: Increase safety, integrity, reliability and performance: Every aspect of an operation is critical and faces huge technical, environmental and financial challenges. Our expert teams use a combination of practical experience to provide you with options for plant, process and production optimisation at every point on the value chain, helping maintain through out the project

Enhance quality, compliance and safety: Assurance underpins everything we offers. Our experienced multi-skilled teams provide to minimise exposure to risk and lost time incidents from the earliest through smooth-running, safe and efficient operations, to clean and compliant decommissioning.

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